Man Alive

by Sainthill

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released July 20, 2014

All songs by Tom Larkey aka Sainthill

Tom Larkey - guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals etc.
Brea Acton - additional vocals on Buried Life
Oliver Mann - harmonica on Buried Life
Dave O’Brien - piano on It Ain’t Worth It
Tilly Perry - additional vocals on She & He
Jesse Rasmussen - additional vocals on If It Moves
Kristian Rasmussen - drums on Knife Bastard, Peach, She & He

Photos by Amelie Scalercio

Mastered by Michael Tayler

Thank you: Broz, OL, Derz, Till, Kristian, Mike, Amz, Matty B, Gen & Sla, Mum and Dad, and the wonderful Melbourne music scene.

Thank you Jesse my love for your inspiration, excitement, and helping this be what it turned out to be.

Hawk Moth Records 2014
All songs copyright Sainthill



Copyright Sainthill 2014



all rights reserved


Sainthill Melbourne, Australia

Sainthill is a Melbourne-based musician who deals in sparse, lonesome Australiana. Dream-like, slow and melancholic, Sainthill's gently pensive songs paint vignettes of death, fear, friendship, family and hope. Sainthill released his album Man Alive back in 2014 before buggering off to the US for a bit. He’s now back down under where his music arguably belongs. ... more

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Track Name: Knife Bastard
Shut your mouths, watch your backs boys
We’re gonna run this door tonight
If anybody acts smart
Remember violence solves everything

I’m a single dad with a daughter
I work the door part time
I remember that kid from earlier
I didn’t hit him all that hard

Where did he come from?
And how did he get behind
With that knife?

Bastard changed his jacket (Ed Hardy)
Looked the same age as my girl (safely home)
Stuck the knife in my rib cage (damn it hurt)
Red ribbons on the ground

Where did he come from?
And how did he get behind
With that knife?

Where did he come from?
And how did he get behind
With that knife?

I wanna look up at the stars now
But the smog it clouds the night
And my last vision of the stars now
Is a neon light
Track Name: If It Moves
Where in heaven’s name do you think that you’re going? She asked him
I’m going hunting for the long weekend
But I thought we had plans to see the Molinas and their new pool
And now you’re going killing once again

You might call it killing, but there’s honour in the take down
And hope as we lay waiting in the grass
And how was I supposed to know that it was your sister’s birthday?
How was I supposed to know all this?

I just wanna be left alone…
Track Name: Tony I'm Scared
Live hands
Dead leaves
We pat down the grave
Out the back of Crooked Stream

It's a shame
But it don’t bother me

His skin a memory, it was covered in tattoos
The skull, the snake, the boxing kangaroo
I almost felt ashamed, out there in the rain
What’s that at the door? I’m just paranoid

It's a shame
But it don’t bother me

It's a shame
It's a damn cryin’ shame
That he couldn't get his shit together
Last night

But Tony I'm scared, Tony I'm scared that I might be next
Tell me, how do you know that you won't be next?
Track Name: Mary-Kate
Mary-Kate, I've got your number
And I will call you
But don't expect the call tomorrow
I've got a lot of stuff to do

Mary-Kate, I got your message
And I'm sorry if I don't write right back
But like I told you, I've got a lot on my plate
And like I told you, our date might have to wait

Mary-Kate, good morning to you, I gotta say
I'm surprised that we
Had a nice time together
Mary-Kate, you're good to me

Why’re you so good to me?
Track Name: It Ain't Worth It
A friend of mine was changing
Moneyed with long desired funds
And the girl that he was seeing on the weekends
She wasn't welcome past the Sunday

He said,
It ain’t worth it
I got better things to spend my money on
If she makes it worth it
I might change my mind
And she can have whatever the hell she wants

He came up in his fancy suit
And ordered for his girl and all
As we sat through three damn courses I couldn’t recall
Why we first hung
Why we were brothers

I said,
It ain’t worth it
I got better ways to spend my time
If he makes it worth it
I might change my mind
But the rounds will be on him tonight

All the best, all the best
All the best to you
All the best, all the best
All the best for you
Track Name: She & He
They sat at the back of the bar
Might have been a set up but it was looking all right
He poured the wine

She was already
He was all ready

She looked at his carpenter hands
He would carve love symbols on her heart and blow the dust away
She was looking fine in that figure-hugging dress
Measured her twice, it was his way
‘Cause he had just one shot to make her stay

She was already thinking of long nights
He was all ready to go
She was already thinking of colours
He was all ready to go home

She was already thinking of long nights
He was all ready to go home and undress her
She was already thinking of fidelity
He was all ready ‘cause he thought he could love her
Track Name: Buried Life
Beheld her in the morning light
Maybe I’ve got a pretty wife
With long, blonde, falling hair
It falls on me and I don’t care

Wide awake and miles away
Dwelling on the other day
How it happened I don’t know
The stranger’s arms they took me so

Beheld her in the morning light
I may not see her tonight
Or her long, blonde, falling hair
If I lose her now… I’d never dare

The stranger’s arms they took me so
In the arms of a John Doe
Beheld her in the morning light
It’s a buried life
Track Name: The Skelton Castle (1806)
Dear mother,

I apologise for not writing you sooner, for my time is as scarce as money
and I dare say you know that I am not in plenty stock of it, and my coat
it is done, I wear my Sunday one. Dear mother, I got the five pounds it
washed the tears from my eyes as I saw your real heart laid before me.
Still I have not gotten post from my brother and my hand trembles as I am
so angry about it. I am your son and I hoped to give you comfort in your
old age. When in India I will be able to send you more, expect a letter from
me two days from when we land ashore.

I am your faithful and loving son